Meet the Animals

Green Acres Farm Sanctuary currently provides a home to over 150 animals.

Here are a few of their stories.




We have over 50 hens and 13 roosters. With the popularity of backyard chicken coops, there is a growing number of older hens that are unwanted once they have stopped laying eggs and many rejected roosters that were mistaken for hens as chicks. We would like to build additional coops in the future to provide a safe place for more hens and roosters. You can help make this happen by donating.




Our diverse family of ducks is made up of Mallard, Pekin, Campbell, Muscovy, and Indian Runners. Several of our ducks had been dumped and abandoned while others needed to be relocated because their flock was being killed off by predators. Now they all have a safe place to nest and call home.




Twenty-one goats now call Green Acres Farm Sanctuary their home.


This is Buford our first goat, and, in fact, our first resident! Buford was abandoned by his owners when they sold their house and the new homeowners didn’t want him either. We can’t imagine how anyone could just leave Buford behind because he is such a funny and friendly character.






Meet Houdini a Toggenberg and self proclaimed leader of the goat herd. He and two other goats were bought by a man to clear his land. But once the work was done Houdini was the only goat still alive and was than unwanted. Instead of ending up at auction we were able to step in and give Houdini a safe and loving home.





Eighteen sheep now call Green Acres Farm Sanctuary their home.


Our shy Hamilton was the sole survivor of his small flock after coyotes attacked. Before we were able to rescue him he had to live among the dead remains for several days. Hamilton still shows signs of his traumatic past but has found a safe place at Green Acres.




Meet Hugo, Mia, and Peeta who were abandoned and had to watch the rest of their herd slowly be killed off by predators. Fortunately for these three, they were rescued and transported to Green Acres Farm Sanctuary where they will have safe shelter and pasture.




Stormy is a 32 year old Arabian gelding which is 90 in human year. Despite his advance age Stormy has taken a liking to a 8 year old mare. Keeping Stormy frisky requires special food, supplements and extra veterinary care. You can help with Stormy’s retirement by making a donation to Green Acres Farm Sanctuary.





Daisy is a 8 year old POA Quater horse mare and Nash is a 25 year old Arabian gelding. Nash and Daisy arrived together after being displaced as a result of a domestic violence situation. We were glad to provide them with safe shelter and help them get back to their optimum health.



Meet Festus Jackson, a sometimes feisty but always lovable donkey. He likes his head scratched, enjoys carrots, and seems most intrigued by children. Festus had been deemed not adoptable and had a dim future when we were asked to give him a safe and permanent home. At Green Acres Farm Sanctuary animals are allowed to be themselves with no human expectations.

Ruby is quite unique because she is a hinny. Her mother was a donkey and her father was a horse. Hinnies are an exact opposite cross as a mule and are even more rare. She resembles more of a horse with her shorter ears but is the size of a donkey. Some say hinnies are smarter than horses and less stubborn than donkeys.








Green Acres Farm Sanctuary provides an on going foster program for SafeHaven Humane Society in Albany, Oregon and One Tail at a Time – Portland. Through this program we have been able to give countless cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies a safe place until they can be placed for adoption and find their forever homes.