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Work Parties
December 16th and 30th: 10am-12pm

For more information or to schedule a special work party for your group contact us at greenacresfarmsanctuary@hotmail.com or 503.873.8186. For the safety of all animals please leave your furry friends at home.


Fall Sustaining Supporter Drive

lambBecoming a monthly donor is the easiest way to support Green Acres all year long. Simply decide on an amount to donate each month that fits your budget–whether it’s $5, $10, $25, or more–set up your automatic donation through this link (just click the “Donate” button and be sure to check the “Make this a monthly donation” box), and you’re done. Your monthly donation will help feed and provide the very best ongoing care for our 150 residents throughout year. Monthly donations of $10 or more will also receive one of our new portable reusable Bagito totes made from recycled water bottles so you can go green while supporting Green Acres.


Support the Sanctuary

In the six years since Green Acres Farm Sanctuary began we have rescued and fostered over 700 animals. We are an all volunteer 501(3)(c) non-profit that operates on donations and receives no state or federal funding. Every dollar given goes directly to the animals providing them medical care, food and shelter. Join the Green Acres Farm Sanctuary team by donating today and together we can help more animals.

Make a one-time donation, or become a Sustaining Supporter with your recurring monthly donation:


Thank you for supporting Green Acres Farm Sanctuary!




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Green Acres Wins the Portland Green Festival’s Community Award

WE WON! Yes, that’s our board member, Andrea, holding one big check! Thank you to everyone who voted online or in person. Because of your vote, Green Acres Farm Sanctuary won a $5000 grant that we will use to continue our mission of helping animals. And thank you to The Green Festivals and Portland Green Festival Expo for creating a Community Grant to help local...


On January 9, 2016 Green Acres Farm Sanctuary participated, along with other rescues, in a seizure by Marion County Sheriff of over 60 animals. Now that the animals have been surrendered we are permitted to share that we took in 8 sheep, 7 goats and 1 hen. The animals were in poor condition and the females were all pregnant. Since the seizure there have been three lambs and three kids born. We have been providing needed medical care and plenty of nutritious food. In the days to come we...

Ten More Lives Saved

Our newest foster mama was taken in as a stray by Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento where she soon gave birth, than One Tail at a Time – Portland drove down to pick them up and now Green Acres Farm Sanctuary will be fostering the family until they are all ready to be adopted. It took three rescues across hundreds of miles to save these precious lives and we are honored to be a part of...


As she battles against renal failure. Jill has under gone daily trips to the vet for medications and iv fluids to flash her system to kick start her kidneys. Today’s blood work showed some improvement though her prognosis is still unknown. Jill definitely seemed more like herself tonight as she devoured blackberry leaves. We will continue to give her loving care with hope in our...


Sugar a sweet and pregnant pit bull was found by Animal Control roaming the streets after being attacked by another dog. When no one claimed Sugar she was going to be euthanized which is common for pregnant dogs at many shelters. Luckily SafeHaven Humane Society stepped in to save her. Now Green Acres Farm Sanctuarywill foster Sugar and her soon to be born puppies until they are all ready for...


The two toms and hen were originally bought as breeding stock but thankfully that plan failed. Then they were advertised for free but luckily no takers. With their time running out we got a call. Happily now these three, now named Duke, Duchess and Prince, will get to live out their natural life span here at the...


Teri Anna generously donated $500 that she earned the money collecting and returning bottles and cans all year. We are so fortunate to have such a giving young person as a volunteer. This act of kindness is part of Generosity Philosophy’s 12 days of...


Granny, a 14 year old pygmy cross, and her 13 old year old daughter came to Green Acres Farm Sanctuary because of their age and need for medical care that wasn’t being provided. Since arriving Abiqua Animal Clinic has accessed Granny’s condition and prescribed her medication for a neck injury, torn ligaments, arthritis and internal parasites. Both are still nervous but we hope now with proper medical care, love and time they will feel better and learn to...


Our newest foster puppies were rescued in Tijuana Mexico when their mother was found tied to a car and they were wondering around. All were transported to SafeHaven Humane Society by S.T.A.R.T. Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team. Mom remained at SafeHaven to be spayed and find her forever home. We will be fostering these 9 adorable shepard mix puppies until they are available for adoption at SafeHaven on Nov.12th. Please note no puppies may be reserved or pre-adopted prior to...


Meet Marilyn a young goat that showed up on the door step of an elderly couple’s home refusing to leave but terrified of people. When they were unable to located where she had come from we were called to provide a safe home. Marilyn has had all necessary medical care is now out of isolation and is finding her place among our goat...