Welcome, Cupcake!

Posted by on Jan 3, 2018 in Sanctuary Work | 1 comment

Welcome, Cupcake!

Our first ever pig resident moved in just in time to call Green Acres his (forever!) home for the holidays in 2017.

Eleven months ago Cupcake was bought as a piglet to be a 4-H project. He was raised, shown, and became part of his human family. It wasn’t until he had been auctioned at the fair that the reality of his fate finally set in. Fearing they were too late, his family tracked down where Cupcake had gone, and by a miracle, Cupcake had not been sent to the butcher but to yet another livestock auction. A determined mom sat all day to buy back the pig that had touched them so much with his loving and kind personality. As the family adjusts their diet, they have vowed never to raise a pig for food again.

We’re happy to give Cupcake a safe place to call home where he can show even more people that pigs are smart, loving animals that deserve compassion and care.

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  1. What a cutie! So happy that this pig has been able to touch a family so much that they searched for Cupcake and even bought him back and are even making changes with pork consumption!

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