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Meet Puddle, a two year old, three legged pygmy mix goat. When Puddle was a year old his leg was tangled in a fence for an extended period of time and than amputated on the spot. Although he had no veterinary care at the time he survived and has learned to adapt to three legs. Because of your donations Green Acres is able to give Puddle the care he needs and deserves.

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  1. Go Puddle. I recently had a goat break her ACL in the ankle/ hock area. She is only 2.5 months old. I love the little girl so much that I took her to the vet and they did emergency surgery the odds of the leg ever healing properly is slim but it’s good to know that if it comes to it, amputation is another option for my sweet baby “Bugs”. She’s an alpine boer cross and the sweetest thing.

    Thanks Puddle for the inspiration.

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