Hershey’s Story

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A victim of the dairy industry at only 3 days old Hershey was put up for auction to eventually become veal. As an offspring of a dairy cow, Hershey was taken from his mother so his milk could be sold to humans. Like all mammals, in order to produce milk cows must give birth. His rescuer was shocked by the cruelty of the auction process. Thankfully she paid the $7.50 fee to save Hershey and than brought him to Green Acres Farm Sanctuary.


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I was taken from my mother at birth to be sold at auction to become veal. Luckily, I found my way to Green Acres Farm Sanctuary. While I like my bottle, it is not the same as having my mother’s milk. Sadly, my mother will keep having her babies taken from her so she can produce milk for humans.



Had I not been rescued I would have become veal. Veal is the meat of young unwanted dairy calves like me. I would have spent my short life in extreme confinement so my meat would be tender. Then at 16-24 weeks I would have been slaughtered so humans could eat veal. Luckily I was rescued and brought to Green Acres Farm Sanctuary where I will get to live out my natural life span of 15-20 years.


I am loving my life now at Green Acres where I can just be a steer with my other bovine friends!