How to Help

It takes a community to grow a sanctuary–a community of volunteers and donors like you. Green Acres Farm Sanctuary and the animals it cares for appreciate your generosity.  Here are some ways you can join our community.


Green Acres Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization which does not receive state or federal funding. Every donation, no matter the amount, makes the work at Green Acres Farm Sanctuary possible.

$15  will provide a day of hay for the cows

$20  will provide a week’s worth of medication for our senior horse, Nash

$30  will feed the turkeys and chickens for a week

$40  will provide a hoof trim for a horse or donkey

$50  will feed the sheep and goats for a week

$100  will provide a month of hay and grain for a senior horse

Make a one-time donation, or become a Sustaining Supporter with your recurring monthly donation:


The chores at Green Acres Farm Sanctuary are many and we can use your help. Your time is one of the most valuable things you can give.

At work parties volunteers clean the barns and pastures, scrub feeders and water containers, groom and socialize animals and do general farm maintenance. Watch for work party dates on our home page and on facebook. For the safety of all animals, please leave your pets at home.

Do you have a special skill? Are you a contractor, electrician, or plumber? Do you have experience in animal husbandry or pasture rehabilitation? In-kind donations are a great way to give and may even be tax deductible. Contact Green Acres Farm Sanctuary and let us know about your special skill. Chances are you’re just what we need.


054hay elevator

6″ wood chipper

pitch forks

wheelbarrows (6 cubic foot steel or larger)

gift cards to Wilco, Coastal Farms, Petco, Lowes, Home Depot