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 Foster Program Campaign


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In the last four years Green Acres Farm Sanctuary has cared for over 300 kittens, puppies, dogs & cats as part of our foster program and we need your help. We are seeking $2,500 in order to keep our foster program funded. These funds will be used for emergency medical care, food especially formula for our bottle babies, and supplies including cedar shavings for the kennel, cat litter, and ‘pee’ pads. A part of the money will be used for needed improvements to the dog kennel. We need a roof on the outside area so the puppies can play during the rainy Oregon days and have shade in the summer. New windows will to be added to dog kennel which will provide more natural light. It is our goal to provide these precious dog, cats, puppies and kittens with safe, loving and nurturing care until they are ready to find their forever homes through our foster partner SafeHaven Humane Society. Fostering saves lives.

Please donate to help save a life through our Foster Program Campaign at